Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm back...sort of

I made an interesting discovery today.  Apparently my Garmin loses its GPS data after a couple of months of not being synced.  I had some activities to upload from the summer.  They uploaded, but no GPS data.  I haven't been as lazy as last summer, but I haven't stuck with my plan like I wanted to.  Anyway, Sunday afternoon, Tony and I took a trip to Luton.  I didn't feel too bad, I didn't have the confidence that I had earlier in the summer.  That was probably a good thing considering my previous MTB ride involved landing on the end of my handlebars and giving myself a massive hematoma very close to a sensitive area.  It was a pretty fun ride, neither of us had gotten in the miles that we had hoped for in August so the ride was a bit slower and relaxed.