Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I came up just a bit short of completing the local MTB trifecta today.  I got dropped off at Cannonsburg State Game area, rode the MTB trail there.  That was a great ride, except for the massive stick that I managed to kick up into my rear tire.  That little incident violently sent me to the ground.  I finished there and rode up to the Cannonsburg ski hill to ride the trail there.  Decent ride, nothing really sticks out at me from this ride.  From there I rode up to the trail close to my house, Luton Park.  By the time I got to Luton, my legs were tired, but I decided to press on.  I rode part of the orange loop and finished the black loop and decided I had gassed my legs pretty good so far and didn't need to do the red and yellow loops.  Combined, those two loops are about 3 miles.  So I finished the rest of the blue loop and orange loop and went home.  Take a look at my goals for this race over on the right side of the page.


  1. Sweet ride Marty. Are you getting excited for the race. Looks like I will be OUT as a spectator...

  2. Matt, I understand. I'm super excited about the race, and testing my hard work. I'm really striving for that top ten finish in my age bracket.

  3. YOU CAN DO EET! Marty, I will be coming down solo. Marissa and Patti are going to church. Our pastor is leaving and they're doing a going-away luncheon for him. Hopefully I can stay for the whole thing! You're going to kick a$$!