Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ft. Custer and Homemade Chia Energy Gel

It was a bit of a cold week, which cut one of my rides short.I probably should have cut Wednesday's ride short too, I couldn't feel a majority of both feet by the end of the ride. I was so sick of the wind by the end of that ride. I checked the weather forecast, and it said wind out of the west. I chose a more north and south route so I wasn't battling the wind as much. Well that effing weather forecast was wrong, 20 something MPH winds out of the northwest. I was getting hammered by the wind most of the ride. Here's those two rides.

Ft. Custer

I was supposed to do a ride/run brick at Ft. Custer on Friday, but the weather didn't cooperate. I decided to ride and run Custer on Sunday instead. Overall Sunday was a good day of training. I did have a bit of an issue about mid way through the red loop at Custer. I just finished climbing a pretty decent hill and turned a corner onto a flat and wide portion of the trail. Huffing and puffing, I spot a gray haired woman walking in the middle of the trail. I smile at her as I approach, when b!tch says "Please do not ride mechanized vehicles in the woods.". I'm disappointed in my response, as I only could come up with a "whatever" as a retort. I biked for about 2 minutes and came to a stop thinking about turning around and laying into this woman walking on a "Mountain Bike Trail"!!! I decided that it wasn't worth it, and kept riding. Rachael said it was probably best, because the woman was probably irrational and it would've done me no good to go back. Here's how the ride looked.

I learned something while running on Sunday. I remember having the urge to walk part of the run course during the triathlon last year. I allowed myself to walk, and was upset with myself for doing so. I had that same feeling on Sunday, and walked for just a couple of seconds because I was lost transitioning from the beach. Other than that I didn't walk the rest of the run. I've been thinking that it has something to do with my legs and body transitioning from biking to running. Here's a look at the run. My run Sunday was faster than my run in the triathlon.

Chia Energy Gel

I decided to try out making my own energy gel. It seems to work and doesn't taste too bad. At the bottom is the link to the recipe. I made some changes to my version. I used honey(I have a lot) instead of brown rice syrup, and used kosher salt instead of salt substitute for my electrolyte mix.