Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 3 Summary

I started the week feeling a bit down about my training, and how slow I felt. Monday was a ride/swim brick. I got done on the bike, and looked at the pool. It was busy, and I just wasn't in the mood, so I skipped my swim. From that point on, the week turned around. I realized that in two weeks, I'm already starting to see gains from my training. My running pace has gotten faster and my swims felt better. Right now, all of my bike mileage has been on a spin bike at the gym using a spinning program I downloaded for the Droid. The notable part of that is, I notched up the resistances on the spin bike by two notches this week with no problem. I had two pretty good weight training sessions this week. Overall, the week was awesome and really lifted my spirits.

Totals for the week:
Swimming: 3,250 yards
Run: 7 Miles
Bike: 65 Miles

It really was an awesome week. In addition to the gains in training, I also have two pretty solid leads on a new job that weren't there a week ago. The only problem, I might have to lose the beard for a little while and get a haircut.


  1. Nice job...I like how you turned the whole week around overnight and made it happen. Not exactly sure what "You have to be willing to blow up in order to break through" means to you...but I know exactly what it means to me and I like it.

  2. Nice job Marty. You can then be called the "Clean-shaven, baby-faced tri-athlete". Not so menacing as the Bearded tri-athlete, but that will be your disguise...Mr nice guy. Then punch them in the face with a 6 minute mile.

    Impressed at the work you're doing. Bravo. Keep it up buddy!