Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 4 Summary - Recovery Week

I'm still seeing improvements as I'm moving along in my training. This week was a bit easier than last. My physical therapist made it even easier, because he made me skip one of swims. That was a bit of bummer, but it's still early and I will make it up one day next week. I also had to skip one of my weight training sessions. I don't feel as good about that, because I think that's part of the reason for some of my performance gains.

This week's totals:
Swim: 2,000 yds.
Bike: 45 miles
Run: 7 Miles
Walk: 1 Mile

I tried taking the dog for a slow run outside with me, I ended up putting her in the truck and running by myself. She was thankful though for the walk's surrounding the run.

The other worthwhile thing to point out. After 4 weeks of training, I've dropped 6 pounds. I don't really want to drop a lot of weight, but the less fat I'm carrying the better.

I had a phone interview this week with Spectrum Health, I didn't feel too good about it when I got done. The other lead I had on a job has fizzled out a bit. So for now, no haircut and the beard stays.

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  1. What you doing in PT? As much as I want you to keep the beard I want you to have a when you shave the beard, I'll be really happy for you.