Monday, March 5, 2012

Training update

I'm still training, I just hadn't found the time to get on here to update things.

First thing, after some further research I've adjusted my heart rate zones to get some better workouts. The site that has been the most beneficial is

My running pace on the track has been around 10min/mile. My swim pace is in a much better place than a year ago, depending on the day, I'm 5-10 seconds per lap faster. My troublesome area of late has been the bike. Sundays have some pretty large mileages on them, some involving 2 hours on the spin bike. I'm having a hard time with being motivated enough to sit there for that long. I think I'm getting to the edge of overtraining, and can't wait for a recovery week next week to let my body recoup. The highlight of the last two weeks was definitely the 4 mile run in 6 inches of snow last Saturday on the backcountry roads near the Boardman River.

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  1. Dude, there is no reason anyone should be sitting at a trainer for 2+ hours. GET OUTSIDE!! Dress medium for cold weather. The first 10-15 minutes may be the most painful of your life, but after you work up a good sweat, keep moving and you'll be good and warm the entire time. You won't even know how cold it is. Get a baclava (head cover) for $20. Cover your toes (duct tape if you wanna go cheap) and wear hardy gloves with other light weight ones you can switch to once you start to sweat. It takes some time to learn how to ride in the winter, but when I'm done I always feel like I accomplished so much because it's cold. Plus, I like when people look at me like I'm crazy.