Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week #8 Swim #1, Mildly offensive comment

Down to my last four weeks of swim training before I start full on triathlon training.  Tonight was pretty uneventful as far as swimming went.  1200 yards in 32 minutes.

On to the mildly offensive comment.  Dude in the lane next to me, had to be pushing 300 lbs., says to me, "I don't know how you swim non-stop like that.  I'm sucking wind by the time I get to the end of the pool".  I replied that I don't swim non-stop, and that I take small breaks between laps.  I also said that it's been a gradual build up and that I've only been swimming since mid-November.  He said him as well, but that he had a 100 lbs on me.  I replied with, "yeah, just a couple.".  I really meant to say "Yeah, just a couple pounds".  He didn't seem offended by the comment, but it so could have been taken the wrong way. 


  1. Christ Marty, you should have sent me this link a long time ago. I had no idea you were doing anything. I figured that since you are about to get married you were fading away!! So glad that is not the case. Nice work on all the training. You are going to be fine on the swim for sure. If you look at the body habitus of a tri athlete you will notice that they have large upper bodies and fairly wide shoulders. That is because they use mostly their arms for the swim and save their legs for the bike and run. Large upped body you have not, but you are going to do well in this race. I'm excited for you! I saw that you mentioned your full training hasn't started yet, what's you plan for that? Keep up the hard work, it will pay off!

  2. Rachael won't let me fade away on this, or the fitness lifestyle. She says if she's expected to look good, then I have to as well.

    I'm doing to the 10 week olympic distance training program from trinewbies.com