Monday, February 28, 2011

Behind again on posts.

Here I am catching things up.  Friday I swam another mile, which put the week's total at 3 miles.  My swimming stroke has definitely improved.

So today I got to the pool and busted off 2,000 yards in about 45 minutes.  I know I'm going to swim 3 times this week, but I'm not sure what my goal is for the week.  At a minimum, it's going to be 6,000 yards for the week.  Just think I should step it up a bit before I started my tri-training program.


  1. Hey Marty. That swimming sounds great. I wanted to ask what Tri program you are using? I'm doing a Marathon program right now, but I need to get a modified Tri program in too because I have some Tri's lined up before the marathon. Trannies (transitions) are killing me right now. I did a 750 swim followed by a 5K run race on Sunday, and cramped up solid 5 minutes into the run.

  2. Heath, the website where I found my training program is I also found my swimming program on there as well.

  3. Thanks, I've looked at that site before. Maybe I'll give it a try.