Monday, March 14, 2011

Week #2, making things tougher

I'm making things harder on myself this week, because I missed my bike ride this past Saturday and I'm going to miss this upcoming Saturday.  I got to the pool today and was only supposed to do 300 yards.  I felt like this wasn't enough, so I decided I was going to do a half mile today.  I miscounted the number of laps, and ended up doing one extra.  It can't hurt.

Nothing too spectacular to talk about on the run.  Only had to do 3 miles, I know I should probably be paying closer attention to my heart rate and staying within some zone.  Screw that, decided to just push myself a bit harder and try to keep the pace closer to 9 minutes.  I'm kind of liking of this route that I've taken the past two runs, some great elevation change to contend with.

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