Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week #3 Day #3 Swim and Run

Today I swam 1150 yards in the pool with warmup and cooldown.  The actual workout I did today was 17 laps, did them straight through with no stops.  I guess I will be able to swim the tri distance without having to stop.  The training program doesn't recommend this type of training, instead it suggests using interval training for the swim.  I will probably go back to that next week.

The run was good.  Ice, mother nature's equalizer.  One odd thing about the run if you look at the heart rate chart of this run, there is a really nice spike near the beginning that shot up 200 bpm.  I don't think I had enough liquid on the HRM strap, because I took a little spit and rubbed on it and my rate dropped to where it should be.

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